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Participate In Pep Boys Survey Online

Having work carried out on your car can be a depressing and costly event, but one thing that will cheer you a little knows that the company are interested in how you view them and want to know if you were satisfied with the service you received.

It is clear that Pep Boys are doing something right as they have been in existence for around 90 years but in order to keep their good reputation, they have a survey that they like customers to fill in.

Filling In The Survey:

  • In order to start the survey you need to log onto www.pepboyssurvey.com .
  • When you get to the survey page you are asked if you want to change from English to Spanish.
  • Once you have made your choice you then need to decide if you want to give back information about a service repair or a product purchase.
  • In the first box you need to enter your first name.
  • After that you can put in your surname.
  • After that you have to enter your e mail address. This must be accurate as you may be contacted.
  • Confirm the e mail address that you have put in.
  • Next you enter the name of the street.
  • Next the name of the area you live in.
  • The next box is for the City.
  • There is now a drop down box and you select your state.
  • Finally in the address section you enter your Zip code.
  • You will need to have the store number so you will need to either know this or have a receipt with you.
  • You also put in the transaction number.
  • click the button “click here to start survey”
  • You are now on the site and ready to answer the questions about your experience.

There is also a box that you tick if you want a second entry into the sweepstake and this also is confirmation that you are happy to receive notification from the company. Now you have finished the survey and are in with the chance of winning $5000.

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