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Sign Up For Play At McD To Get Online Access

For availing the services of any website, one needs to sign up for an account on that respective website. If the person is not a member of that particular company or website then all their services and facilities can never be enjoyed. Now for signing up people need to know all the requirements and procedure. If they are unaware of the important and basic things then they cannot move further onto their stepwise guidance. People can see the help center of this website for getting details about the signing up procedure or even through any of their friends, details can be known.

How To Get?

  • Go at any of the McDonald’s chain and from their win a code through which you can win great prizes. From your food or drink of the McDonald’s make your code visible.
  • Switch on your desktop computer or any other connecting device.
  • Connect the internet and then open up any of the web browsers that are already installed on your computer.
  • After opening the web browser, type the name of the website i.e. www.Playatmcd.com in the given address bar very carefully.
  • On your Game Stamp you need to enter the code that is given to you through the McDonald’s food or drink.
  • After writing the code, press the Enter button from your keyboard.
  • Later on you will be asked to login or register for a new account if you are a new user.
  • For the registration process, you need to provide all the required details that are being asked from you.
  • Give all of your personal information such as first name, middle name and the last name in the given boxes. Also tell them your full date of birth etc.
  • Provide your cell number to them to receive text updates from them. Even other contact details can be given to them.
  • In the end, just enter the code and win exciting prizes.


Sign up process is very easy. If the person trying to sign up is educated then the process gets completed in a few minutes.

About Company:

This is a website which is maintained by the McDonald’s. Over here, people can provide the code number and get to win exciting prizes. Even many competitions can be played online and their packages can also be seen on the site.

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