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Learn Typing With Free Online Typing Lessons For Qwerty

“Power Typing is free online typing tutor. This online tutorial is designed to teach practice and develop typing skills gradually. Typing speed test helps you to evaluate your speed and word per minute (WPM) typing rate. Visit the site and start learning with the basics of typing.


  • Internet connection
  • PC or laptop


  • Visit the website at www.powertyping.com .
  • At the resultant page hit on the link “Typing Lesson Qwerty” at the bottom of the web page.
  • Choose the lesson and click on “Start” button to begin your typing lesson.
  •  Start your lesson and see the results, acceptable number of errors is one error per minute.
  • See the results


  • Speed up your hands by the repeating keys combination
  • You will be able to access most popular typing games.

Closing Statement:

Hand positioning over the QWERTY keyboard must be correctly positioned on the home rows keys. You must learn type with the even rhythm. You will be able to view the lessons, typing speed goal (words per minute) and typing progress to evaluate your performance. Carefully follow the directions over the hand positioning over the key board to get accuracy in your typing. Type with the accuracy, speed is not the matter.

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