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Book Cheap Flights And Packages At The Red Tag

Red Tag provides cheap flights from the Canada to U.K, from which you can start your trip and travel around England. With the airline company, you can select an inexpensive flight or create your own travel package. You can get benefit from cheap packages offer by the airline.

About Red Tag:

Red Tad is Canada’s one of the major airline company. The company offers cheap holiday packages, car rental, hotel booking and cheap flight deals. The airline packages include breakfast and accommodation and let you a glance of the Britain as you select between travels that might include U.K as well as Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


  1. Requirements
  2. you need to have a PC with internet connection
  3. You need you have a valid Email ID.
  4. Step By Step Guide
  5. Visit to the online website for enrolling http://www.redtag.ca/contest/newsletter-signup-contest.php.
  6. Enter your email address and after that type in your first name and last name in the field boxes.
  7. Choose your province.
  8. Choose your contact as given in list.
  9. Enter the security code and press button ‘’Subscribe.’’
  10. How To Book Flights At Red Tag
  11. Visit to the website www.redtag.ca/cheap-flights-canada-php.
  12. Choose your type of ticket you want to book, two option available Return or One Way.
  13. Enter the your leaving location.
  14. After that enter your destination place where you want go.
  15. Type in your departure and return date as well.
  16. Next, select your Airline and also Fare type.
  17. Select number of passengers who travel with you. Mention separately adult and children.
  18. Choose among the option Departure and Return Segment, Flexible Dates or Direct Flight.
  19. After completion the process click on the button marked as ‘’GET ME A DEAL!’’.
  20. How To Select Travel Packages With The Company
  21. Visit to the home of the online website www.redtag.ca.
  22. You will find a yellow color page in the right corner of the page and start to fill it.
  23. Enter your leaving location.
  24. After that type-in your destination location.
  25. Select among the various hotels available in the list.
  26. Select your departure date and duration time how many days or nights to want to stay.
  27. Choose star rating and price range.
  28. Select the package and click on ‘’GET ME A DEAL!’’.


Red Tag is well known airline company due to their best services.

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