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Signup For Toy R Us Buyer Protection Plan

The Buyer Protection Plan has been introduced by Toy R Us as an extended warranty on items covered by the plan. As an extended warranty, it means that the products purchased from the company can be replaced or repaired even if it is already past the return date specified by the company. If you purchased a buyer protection plan and the product you bought breaks after the initial thirty days return warranty, you can have it repaired or serviced for free. Extended warranties like the Buyer Protection Plan improves the length of protection offered by the manufacturer. Not only do they offer labor and parts coverage but they also have a wide variety of benefits that can be take advantage for the full term plan which usually range from one to five years.

Signing Up For Buyer Protection Plan:

In order to sign up for this type of extended warranty, you will have to click on the link specified on the website www.repairnow.com/toysrus where you bought any of the products. After that, you only have to follow a simple step to complete the entire transaction. See below.

  • First of all, you need to click on the link provided on the site where you purchased the item.
  • Fill up the form and complete all the important information needed.
  • Click on the submit button and pay the necessary fee equivalent to the plan you are purchasing.
  • To file a claim either for replacement or repairs, all you have to do is call 1-866-212-1975 and they will give you the nearest service center you can visit.

One of the main benefits of buying this type of plan in line with your purchases is that you will not be required to shoulder any expenses related to repairs or replacement parts you availed. You can even transfer the ownership of this plan to anyone especially if you are purchasing an item as a gift. If any attempts on repair fail, you are guaranteed that the product you bought will be replaced by the company as long as it is covered by the extended warranty.

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