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Register To Stop Email Money Transfer Through Royal Bank

If you began funds transfer with Royal Bank Canada account via email, there is a possibility you have been trapped in the scam. Many times, when you are requested to start a bank transfer via email, it is the scam intended to take your bank account information and transfer it. If you have initiated a transfer through email, you have to know how to end it right away.

About Company:

Established in 1864 in Halifax as a Merchants Bank, the RBC expended fast and in 1900 altered its name to Royal Bank of Canada or RBC to designate it existence all through the country. 6 years later it shifted it’s headquarter to the Montreal, and carried out development with mergers until the RBC turn out to be the country’s largest banking company.


  • You need have a PC with internet access.
  • You must have a RBC bank account.

Step By Step Guide:

  • You need to provide some personal information.
  • Enter your address with postal code.
  • Enter your Royal Bank Canada bank account information.
  • And after that answer to some security questions.

How To Stop ?

  • Go to the online website www.royalbank.com and sign in your customer account. Choose the bank account from which you transfer will be going on through drop-down the ‘’Account’’ menu bar.
  • Scan with the transfers to ensure the one in query has not been finished.
  • Choose the tab ‘’Stop Payment or Cheque.’’
  • Provide information regarding the money transfer on following web pages and click on the ‘’Continue’’ button.
  • Answer the particular question regarding the transfer, like the name of bank transferring, the transfer amount and any other relevant information. And click on ‘’Continue’’ to advance.
  • Allow the stop amount for the transfer with RBC through email, and it will deduct $10 charges automatically from your bank account.
  • Call the bank envoy of you thinks you have been spaced out of the scam. The representatives of the bank guide you through further steps to aim to inform the system of a scam.


The bank capital markets are Royal Bank Canada’s internationally corporate and investment banking subsidiary, in the investment company is recognizes as the RBC Dominion Securities.

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