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Get A Driver’s License At SAAQ

With driver’s license issued by SAAQ is the simple way to cross the border.


  • You must be a citizen of Canada and specially resident of Québec
  • You must have a valid probationary license or plastic driver’s license
  • You must read the applicant’s guide carefully
  • You should activate your license after 10 days of getting the mail
  • You must had made an appointment in one of the 26 authorized service centers
  • The appointment is time limited you must have to reach on time
  • You must be of at least 16 years old to get the license

The Appointment Allows SAAQ To Do The Following Verifications:

  • Your documents and citizenship
  • They analyze the request of you to get license
  • They decide either you are eligible to get a license or not
  • They takes your recent photo
  • They take your signature
  • They guide you to activate your license after getting mail


  • The first step you have to take is to visit the following site to get your license
  • www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca
  • On this page you are given the terms and conditions read them carefully and to apply for the license there is an option “apply for a driver’s license plus”, click on it
  • You are given the requirements on the website and you have to made an appointment by calling on the following telephone numbers:
  • Québec (city and vicinity): 418 528-4050
  • Montréal: 514 954-7750
  • elsewhere in Québec: 1 866 719-4557
  • Bring all the documents like birth certificate, Canadian passport, health insurance card an Indian status certificate, and proof of your Canadian citizenship at least one and the citizenship questionnaire without your signature
  • You are given a consent form to sign, while there is an employee SAAQ is present, it allows the SAAQ to share your information with the agency
  • Then your picture would be taken
  • Pay the fee
  • A provisional license is issued to you on which an activation number is given and you have to store it as a safety measure
  • You will receive a letter with which your license is attached and second activation number
  • Now you have to activate your license by calling on one of the above given numbers
  • By following the up given instructions you can get your license


The agency is providing safety from accidents by issuing license only to eligible ones.

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