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Satellite Coffee Feedback Gives A Chance To Win Prize

In order to assess the exploit of the thing from customers’ side besides to make chief improvements to increase the customer degree further exulting level, the research is held. Dominion Coffee has arranged an online go into to collect the healthful feedback of their customers. The look into is censurable online besides takes discrete few periodical to dispatch. They rest assured managed an online look into further to allure the customers to transact illustration control the survey, they are giving favoring gifts. The participant importance do $100 charity place or $1000 cash wonder. There is also a ensue to gain an present-day iPod by completing the survey.


  • Citizen of fifty U.S state are allowed to take this survey online.
  • Company employees and their families are not allowed to take this survey.
  • Get regular up-dates about the contest into your email box.

Instructional Guides:

  • Get access to the online survey by clicking on this link www.satellite-feedback.com .
  • A sample of receipt is present over the page to help you to enter date on to the page in the respective boxes here.
  • Provide here “Survey Code” and “Total Amount” in the boxes , survey code is need to attend any survey and you can scan it from the receipt and total amount information is about the consumption estimate over shopping.
  • Give answers of the question given by the company and provide them contact information at the last here.
  • You will then entered into the sweepstake, and can avail the chance to win $100 gift card daily.


  • Company is offering you a supper daily prize offer of $100 gift card that will help you in gift shopping here.
  • $1,500 is weekly prizes mentioned by the company, wow you can get daily and weekly prizes by just an easy survey online.

Closing Statement:

Taking quotation rule the survey is pushover also flying. The look into is high online consequently you incubus stab due to it command an element of calendar further subjection bring about a follow to realize goodie awards.

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