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Signup To Scotia Online To Send Funds To Another Individual

In 21st century, customers from all over the globe are embracing online banking. The ease, efficiency and speed with which customers can make dealings, deposit cash and withdraw money from ATMs frequently outshines the substitutes of visiting the banking center. In the Canada, one of the leading banking companies is the Scotia Bank. This financial institution offers a broad range of programs and services to its consumers – as well as online cash transfers. If you want to send funds to somebody else, you can make use of your account.

About Company:

The bank of the Nova Scotia, generally known as the Scotiabank, is the 3rd biggest bank in the Canada by the market capitalization and deposits. It serves around 19 million clients in above 55 nations all over the globe and offer wide array of services and products as well as investment, corporate, commercial and personal banking facilities.

Detailed Guide:

  • Sign up at www.scotiabank.com .  If you don’t have already account. To sign up, you will require to this bank account No. you phone number, address, date of birth and Social Insurance number. And you must as well create a matchless online user password and ID.
  • Get the email ID for the individual who will be collecting the cash from you. It is vital. In addition, talk to this individual the safety question you will be utilizing to send the funds. The recipient has to know the answer of the question to collect the money.
  • Log in to you account. And click on tab ‘’Banking.’’ Locate the ‘’Interac Email Money Transfer’’ tab. Type in the email ID for the person who will be getting the funds.
  • Type in Canadian payment amount you want to send this other person. Enter the security question that you talked about with the recipient party. Again check all information and then click on ‘’Confirm.’’ The funds is instantly deducted from your bank account and held in the ‘’escrow.’’
  • Make contact with recipient party. The money is immediately obtainable after you make the shift. The charges for this process is $1.5 each transaction. The recipient party must have to log on for receiving the amount.


The bank offers the services to its customers in lower rates which facilitates to its customers to use the trouble free online banking.

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