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Redeem Sears Choice Reward Points Online

Do you do your shopping at Sears? There is no doubt that sears is among the largest chain stores in the U.S., it providers shoppers with different kinds of merchandize like footwear, clothing, bedding, furniture etc. It has established partnerships with different top companies and enterprises.

What Is Sears Choice Rewards Program?

The Sears Choice Rewards Program is simply a Sears-offered promotion program for holders of the Sears Gold MasterCard. In order to participate in this program, need to be a holder of a Sears MasterCard and you also need to sign up on the internet. With this program, you can earn point for every single dollar you spend with your Sears MasterCard. The number of points you get to earn is limitless!

How Exactly Does It Work?

You  will need to sign up for an online account on the Sears’ website in order to earn points on the money you spend via your MasterCard and to also redeem your accumulated points for awesome rewards. By signing up for an online account, holders of the Sears MasterCard will also be able to conveniently manage their account. The registration process is easy, secure and fast.

How To Sign Up?

  • Go to the www.searschoicerewards.com Choice Rewards site and click on the option labeled “Member Login” – located at the webpage’s top right. Already registered members can sign up with their user ID and password to check and redeem their reward points, pay bills, view recent activities and update their account info.  If it is your first time of visiting the site and do not have an account, simply click on the button labeled “Register Now”.
  • You will need to provide your Sears MasterCard account number. Click on the continue button after you have done this.
  • Next, you need to provide basic information about yourself such as address, surname, first name, contact details and so on.
  • Then, follow all the directions and create a user ID and password that is unique.
  • Next, choose security question and provide answers to them – this is important, if you cannot remember your password.
  • Then finally, proceed with the verification of your sign up.


  • The rewards points can last for up to three years.
  • You will need a minimum of 2,500 points in order to start redeeming rewards.

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