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Signup To Access My Service Canada Account

Access to update and view EI, old age security and Canada pension plan information online is made easier by my service Canada account. This is a secure and convenient way to access your account sitting at your home within no time.


  • You must have a computer which can access internet
  • Your personal information should be protected highly, you must clear your browsing history after using your online session
  • You must enable cookies n your browser, if cookies are not enabled in the security settings of your browser you might face some problems in signing up or logging in to your account
  • You must remove all the bookmarks, as they causes problem in signing up process and you be asked by the website to visit some next time
  • You must have a employment insurance access code of four digits
  • You must have a personal access code of seven digits if you don’t have EI code


  • For this purpose you have to visit the following website www.servicecanada.gc.ca
  • You are given a page under the heading my service Canada account, there are two options “register now”, and “log in now”, if you are a first time user click on the first option
  • There are some terms and conditions shown and under this paragraph there is an option “access my service Canada account”, click on it
  • There are two partitions on the next page “sign in partner” and “GCkey”, you might choose one, by using sign in partner you may be leaving government of Canada temporarily and it allows to login with that ID or password already existing and GCkey allows to login using ID and password given by the government
  • By clicking on sign in partner you are given with a list to select a partner, after selecting the partner on the next page you are given with the conditions read them carefully and install the secure key and then click on the option sign in and follow the next given instruction
  • By clicking on “GCkey”, you are given a page two fields give your ID and password in the required fields and click on the button “login”


New methods of logging in and to get register on my service Canada account is now made easier online, by following the above given steps you can access your account within a couple of minutes.

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