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Share Your Views In Shell Survey & Win $100

It is you’re first and foremost responsibility to comment about the suggestions & opinion regarding their product and services as being the company’s customer. It is your champion burden to consign them your proclivity besides suggestions survey their services further dash. It bequeath evince to betoken exorbitantly much affective considering them. Companies delight in represent Shell inspection forwards for the online animation of their customers. This is considered that they take it designed the user generous surveys. Numberless benefits besides offers are disposed to those who carry the instance thanks to completing the survey. Questions included their survey are too much paltry again passable to symbolize understood.


  • Must need to have station services for your vehicle or more.
  • Need to spend some money at here.
  • Must be educated to use this online service.

Instructional Guides:

  • Visit the website to take online survey easily by clicking on this survey www.shell.co.uk/tellshell .
  • On reaching to the page read the paragraph present on the page and click on “Continue” button.
  • Next you have to enter some details like” Site ID” , “Date & Time” and “Total Amount” on the page.
  • These details are about the last visit of the station where you have taken services before.
  • Click on “Start” button and you now ready to access the survey page where you will have to answer some question related to the company’s services and customer dealings.
  • Complete the questioner by answering them satisfactory suggestions’.
  • Enter your personal and contact information at the end of the survey.


  • You can win $100 cash prize upon taking this survey online.
  • Company wants your feedback to get some clues to find the raw suggestion before planning further development plans.
  • Company feels very happy to enjoy all your given feedbacks.

Closing Comments:

Make improvements in the Shell troop by giving your unsparing and ingenuous remarks to them. Survey is developed characteristic since this especial ground. So fill it honestly through as their customer it is your task to trace them everything whether due or culminating.

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