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Take Part In The Shoe Carnival Survey Online

It is good news when a company want to know how you feel about them and even better when they are prepared to reward you for the information you give. At Shoe Carnival you can take part in their customer service survey and receive the chance to win a $200 gift card for your trouble.

 To Take Part In Survey:

  • Firstly log onto www.shoecarnival.com/feedback and begin to follow the instructions
  • Make sure that you have your receipt as you will need to enter some of the information on it.
  • Enter the number of the store that you visited.
  • Next put in the date that you made the visit.
  • Fill in the transaction number.
  • Press the next button and you will be taken to the site.
  • Most questions are yes or no answers or boxes where you score the store and staff between 1 an 10 for particular parts of the service.
  • You are asked if you were greeted.
  • Next you need to say if the store was clean and organized
  • You are asked what you came in for and you select from shoes, socks, shoe care items or bags.
  • Enter whether or not you were offered a measuring.
  • Tell them if an associate offered to help you.
  • Say if you thought the staffs was knowledgeable.
  • Answer if the staff were friendly
  • You will be asked if announcements were made while you were there and if so what were they? There is a tick list for you to choose from.
  • You need to say how you rate the store
  • Say if the staff thanked you and invited you to return
  • Fill in the box to say whether or not you found the size you wanted.
  • Next say if you found the brand you wanted.
  • Let them know what sort of advertising you prefer
  • Answer to say if you buy online
  • The next question is to say if you are influenced by frequent shopper programs
  • Give your gender
  • Select your age bracket
  • Select annual income bracket
  • Say how many children you have at home and their age ranges.
  • Put in your full address.
  • Fill in your phone number
  • Tick a box if you want to receive offers.

This may seem like a long form to fill in but there is a high value reward if you are chosen. If not at least you know you are helping to improve a store you shop in.

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