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Participate In Lob Law Survey & Win Prize

Lob law companies have launched for their customers the store opinion survey that is meant to be taken for a better working of the company. The food that is provided to the customers requires being of the standard of needs and hygiene as well. That is not possible without the feedback of the customers. This is the way to help customers give the best of their opinions to the company and then the company also benefits the customers by giving them wonderful prizes.


The procedure to follow the method and to take the contest survey is very easy and it takes a few minutes to get done. You can do it if you have internet access at your place, then you can take the contest survey and get the chance to win.

  • First of all what you need to do is go to the website of store opinion survey which can be followed by the link www.storeopinion.ca .
  • Then when you open the page you will be given an option to choose one language out of four in which you want to take the entire survey. These languages are English, Arabic, French and Chinese. You can select the language that you understand better and can give the feedback perfectly.
  • Then you need to click on the arrow show so you can be forwarded to the questionnaire for the survey that you want to take.
  • You will be then asked about you and to give your personal information for authentication.
  • After that you will reach at the questionnaire page and answer the questions given to you.
  • Then you will be informed about the monthly and the grand prizes.


  • Do not forget to read the rules and policy for the contest before you go to fill the survey.
  • Your information will be kept safe and be used only for authentication.


  • The benefit of taking the survey online is that you can save your time and effort, there is no paper work involved in the procedure which saves you from the effort.
  • The company gets the feedback whereas you can voice your opinion easily.

About Lob Law:

This is a company of Canada, United States. It is the most known food retailer company of the area. It is known for the quality of its products and its reliability very much in the customers.

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