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Participate In Tell Argos Survey &Win £/€1000

It is a great relief that now you just enter in to the stores and come out having all the things you wanted. You don’t have to wander around from shop to shop in order to search for objects that you wanted. There are many stores which will provide you everything but there are some which will provide you the required item and the quality as well. Among these stores Argo is one of them. It makes sure that the quality or the quantity is never compromised and when the customers leave they leave satisfied and contended.

How To Win £€1000?

  • Initially you must be a trusted customer of the store and you must be having your shopping receipt from your last shopping trip to the store.
  • Now visit the survey page www.tellargos.co.uk and make sure that you have this receipt at hand.
  • Select the name of the store from where you shopped and then click on the option “start survey”.
  • You will have to tick in front of your required answer of the questions being asked. This is a quick and to the point method of filling out a survey.
  • Once you are done then you will have to provide some essential detail regarding yourself.
  • You will have to provide the date and time of your shopping along with the transaction number and code of the survey.
  • Provide some detail regarding you and click on the option which is stating “Submit”
  • You will have to click on the option “Next” in the survey whenever you which to proceed to the next page.
  • Once you have submitted the survey your name will be entered in to the sweepstakes to win the prize money.
  • Your work is done you can mouse out from the page.


Now you can convey your message to the management if you want them to provide something more in the store or if you want to inform something regarding the service of the store.

You will also be having the chance to win prizes just in exchange of your few minutes.

About Argos:

This is a very famous chain of stores which provide each and everything which can be listed on your shopping list starting from apparels, cosmetics, laundry, kitchen and any other stuff required in the house. It was founded in the year 1973.

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