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Signup For TELUS Mobility For Better Communication

TELUS is one of the prestigious companies residing in Canada that rose up from ashes and became one of the most top counted countries in Canada. This company provides wireless connectivity in form of phone services, though for many years their services were confined to the mobility but now they have enhanced the grounds of their business and have steps into internet connectivity as well. Though, in case efficient services are needed for such wireless connections then TELUS is the only choice.

About Company:

It’s been a while that TELUS has been in the Canadian market and it has surely earned a name for itself, which is an ostentatious fact. Though, it all began from TELUS communications that took years to develop. Undoubtedly, this particular company set the foreground for the mobility services.

Currently, the divisions of connections under the TELUS mobility are quite large, CDMA, HSPA+ and LTE etc. Moreover, there are 82% of people who are residing on the postpaid connection and 17 million are the ones among the prepaid services.

Detailed Guide:

  1. First you need to visit the following official website www.telusmobility.com.
  2. As you have entered the above URL in your address bar in your browser you will be navigated to the very first page of the Mobility, which concerns only about the language and your region selection.
  3. The services may vary from region to region so just select your language and region and wait for the homepage of TELUS to appear.
  4. The homepage would consist of small promotions in terms of the Home connections, whether you are interested in the Internet connection, mobile services or even wireless television option that is from a specific dish network.

If you are already registered and logged in, you can simply choose your category, and you will be displayed with the packages and cost of those packages that you can select online.

  1. You will find the option of ‘Log in’ at the top right most corner of the page.
  2. Click it!
  3. You will now be navigated to the log in panel, here you need to enter the registration number and password, but of course you don’t have one.
  4. Notice ‘Register now’ in bold right above the username textbox. That’s what you are going to click.
  5. You need to fill in your account information and click continues. Next, you need a username and self-created password.
  6. In case any trouble, you can join in the live chat of the, which is mentioned at the right of the registration panel.


TELUS provides one of the most reliable services in terms of mobility and home wireless services; the whole website is efficiently designed and is user friendly. Go for it now.

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