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Apply Online For TicketMaster Gift Card

When it comes to going to cinema and watching a movie of your choice with friends or family or with your special ones we are very curious and anxious about getting the right seats. With friends and family we want select the seats which are in front while in some special cases we highly prefer back seats and same factors effect when you are selecting a movie but now you don’t have to go to a cinema to see which movies are being shown now you can complete all the procedure online from the selection of your movies to the booking of your seats and tickets.

About Company

The official name is Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. and it is American basically. It is a company which works in ticket sales and distribution. It was founded in 1976. The number of employees is 6678. They do not overcharge you and sell the ticket to you on the market rates and they only take the money which is spent on shipping and nothing else plus you also get to select the seats which you want.


  • Click on the link www.ticketmaster.ca and then  on the top click on the option marked “Gift Cards”
  • You can apply for your gift card by mail or by phone line as well but applying for it online is best but the service is also available for those who visit the outlet themselves.
  • Provide the required information along with creating a user ID along with a password.
  • Provide your security code or pin number along with the rest of the personal and contact details which you should be prepared to give since it is for your own security.
  • Accept the terms of uses and follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • Your card will be mailed to you and make sure that you have given the right address because your card is not at all redeemable if lost one time.

If you have little amount left in your card then the money is redeemable but in very limited countries.


Now you can simply mouse over to your options and select the best one on the date you want and on the seats which you want to be with your company and that is how Ticketmaster is making its customers want more and more.

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