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Access Tennessee To Get Boat Registration Details Online

Tennessee law entails all mechanical powered vessels (this includes documented vessels) and every type of sail boats majorly utilized in the state of Tennessee should be registered. It is important to know that mechanical propulsion include electric powered motors and do not include the boats that are powered by paddles or oars.  Getting a boat registration form Clerk website is a very fast and simple process.  The boats which need to be registered should be correctly registered prior to utilizing them on any its public water. Boats that have been registered from other parts of the country may utilize waters for some time not exceeding sixty consecutive days.

How To Get?

  • Go to the website www.tntagsanytime.com .
  • Then, click on the “Boat Registration” link under the “Other” heading on the bottom left hand side of the webpage.
  • The webpage you land on will provide you with the following information.

Boat Registration:

People who desire to register their boat should fill out a form, which is made available through the office of the county clerk or from the merchant where they bought the boat or vessel.

Initial Registration:

It is important to know that the Department of Revenue requires that the owner of a boat which has not been registered before should provide certification that he/she paid sales tax when they bought their boat. Owners need to possess the correct boat dealer or county clerk’s office stamp on their application confirming the payment of the tax.

Registered Boats That Have Been Transferred From One Person To Another:

All, you need to do is to simply follow similar process mentioned above for vessels that have been previously unregistered. Please know, if the dealer isn’t involved, its clerk’s office will need to be presented with a notarized bill of sale from those involved.

Renewing Registrations Which Do Not Entail A Change Of Ownership:

Boat owners can renew immediately by visiting businesses that puts up TWRA hunting & fishing licenses for sale. You need to have the vessel registration TN number in your possession and it is also very important to be in possession of your TWRA Identification number.  You will get a registration that temporary who allows you to run your vessel till your new decals & registration card arrives in the mail in around two weeks.

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