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Use USPS To Get the Mail You Missed Redelivered

Every attempt is made to deliver the mail, but there will be times when it is not possible to get it to you. It could be that no one is in and a signature is needed or the parcel will not fit into the letterbox.  It is possible to arrange a second attempt online and you will be able to follow a few simple steps to allow the process to start.

Requesting a Redelivery:

  • To start the process log on to the USPS online site and this can be reached at www.usps.com/redelivery .
  • Same day delivery is possible and in order to be eligible the request must be made by 2 AM CST. It will be best to check that your area is covered by this service.
  • You will need to get the details of your local post office and there are just a few steps to get there.
  • Enter your name and phone number.
  • Enter your City and State or the Zip code.
  • Select the distance. In a built up area a mile or so will be fine, but there could be some more isolated areas where there is not a post office so close by.
  • The post offices in that area will be shown in writing and on a map.
  • Select the one that is nearest to you as that is more likely to be where the parcel is or needs to be sent.
  • Mark the box to say if it is a business address or not.
  • Enter your full address so as it is clear where the item must go.
  • Enter the article number – this will be on the peach slip you were left.
  • Select the type of mail you are waiting for.
  • Identify if it is a final notice or not.
  • Say when the last attempt was made to deliver.
  • Select how you want to get the mail
  • Select the date.
  • Check if there needs to be someone in for delivery
  • Enter additional instructions if necessary.

This should be enough information to allow the delivery to be made. Any mistakes on your part could however lead to another missed delivery.

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