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Access Vodafone Get My Photo To View Pictures

Phones are used for so much more than making phone calls nowadays and taking pictures is one of the most popular functions. In many cases there are better cameras in some phones then there are on the market just being sold as a camera. Along with the pictures there can be videos made and when you have a special one and then you will want to share it with friends.

While it is possible to put photographs on social media sites many people prefer to send the pictures from phone to phone. If you are in the position of not being able to receive pictures on your phone then you will still be able to see them. There is a free system run by the company that lets you view the pictures everyone else sees and you can even reply without a cost.

How To Access?

  • To begin with you need to visit the website and you can reach it here www.vodaphone.co.uk/getmyphoto .
  • You will need to have registered and after that you will have all the information you need that will let you log in.
  • In the first box you enter your phone number – clearly you will need to be their customer and have a phone that is using their network.
  • Click the “starts your registration” button.
  • Next put in your password.
  • Click “log in” and enter you user name and password in this way you will be able to see and respond to pictures.
  • If you cannot remember your password it is possible to have a reminder sent .
  • Again you need to start this process by entering your phone number – do it the way it will be used at home, not with the alterations needed to use it abroad.
  • There will be a random code that needs to be entered and as soon as you have done this you will be sent your password.

It will not just be photographs that you can see but there will also be videos and pictures are of course available. The easy to log in to system means that you can keep up with people and their lives and it will not cost you anything.

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