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Access Webmd Pill Identifier Tool To Indentify Your Medicine


WebMD is corporation was established in 1996 that is dedicated to provide health services. Company provides valuable health information, tools to help you in managing your health. You can find doctor information, drug information and credible health information.


  • Imprint of pill
  • Color of tablet
  • Shape of pill


  • Visit the website at www.webmd.com .
  • Click on “Drugs And supplements” tab and click on “Pill Identification Tool” link.
  • Enter any imprint. Imprint is letter, numbers or other marking on the tablet, pills or on the capsule.
  • Click on down arrow and choose the color form the list. If your tablet contains more then one color choose one that is more prominent. If still you are confused choose either color.
  • Select the shape of your pill form the drop down menu.
  • Click on “Get Started” orange button.


  • Access free health care services and tools.
  • Get information about health and medicines.
  •  Manage your health

Closing Statement:

Company provides internet access to the health information and credible details news, features, reference materials and online community programs. if you want to identify any medicine you can search online by providing simple information about the pill. Submit your request and access detail information.

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