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Access Xbox Warranty Account Online

These day’s people can get to avail the benefits of knowing the warranty of any of the product they purchase. Many companies provide this service to gain the attraction of as many customers as they can. By this way, people get a chance to enjoy extra benefits and services of that company. They come to know about latest offers that are available of that company. Now people can check the Xbox warranty quite easily by following the guideline which is mentioned by them. By this kind of warranty, people can get to enjoy many of the great services for a long time.


  • Visit the official website of Xbox which is www.xbox.com
  • Sign in with your windows live ID. Make sure your username and password matches the one which you provided while signing up for games tags on the Xbox live.
  • Select “Support,” then “Check Repair Status” from the top menu.
  • For registering your Xbox gaming console, you need to click on the button that is ‘register your new console’.
  • Look at the back of your console and from there one needs to enter the console number where it is asked by them.
  • Click Submit button when you have provided the number to them.
  • For viewing the warranty status of the console you just registered click on the button of ‘view warranty status’ present on their website.
  • Through a pop up window you will come to know that at what time or date your warranty status would expire. Carefully read the information and keep it in your mind.

Tips and Warnings:

  • There is no need to worry when your console expires. You can still get the warranty through the ‘three lights flashing red’.
  • If there is seen to be any defect in the three lights flashing red, then you need file a repairing case and make sure that your console is safe.
  • Even any problems arise before the warranty date then you can easily contact Xbox on the following number i.e. 1-9—4MY-Xbox.

About Company:

Xbox is a gaming console through which people get a chance of availing great many benefits. Warranty is being provided to each of their customer. Even they give them a chance to spend a quality time by playing their games. One can easily get the warranty of their console form them.

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