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Your Phone-Held In Style By The Tackform Multi-Surface C-Fit Mount

The Good: The product’s claw stretches, spring-loaded, holds many smartphones. Its suction cup gets locked onto windshields and dashboards.

The Bad: The mounting arm, that’s wide and glossy, blocks suction cup and makes it tough to reposition C-Fit or remove it.

The Bottom line: It is a secure and stylish mount with suction cup and can hold any phone on nearly every solid and smooth surface.

Where to buy: Amazon.com

The product only has one articulation point located at ball joint and that is where mount arm and gripping claw meet, so one has to be careful while orienting base as the C-Fit is being placed. This makes getting C-Fit into appropriate position a little complicated but not really impossible in most cases. Moreover, a comparatively short arm and a single articulation pint make the C-Fit stable, without any shakiness or vibration associated with longer mounts.

Its suction cup on the base is of semi-adhesive and tacky material which sticks to many solid surfaces with its own strength. Such stickiness, along with the produced suction when the cup is locked in place with help of lever, gives rise to a tenacious grip when mounted on any surface. The strong grip keeps the smartphone secure while you are driving but might be a bit difficult to remove it between trips. Normally, tacky material tends to have dirt etc. stick up with it when it is without cover so its better left on a surface semi-permanently, rather than removed and then placed repeatedly. However, if the grip gets dirty, it could be cleaned by using wet cloth and when the cup will dry, it’d be back to being sticky again.

Its suction cup’s tackiness means it could be attached with leather, would or somewhat rubberized dashboard material which makes it quite helpful there.

The glossy and wide plastic cover of the mounting arm comes in black or red—the red especially is quite eye-catching, whereas black tends to blend with many dashboards. Due to the cover sometimes it’s difficult getting to suction cup at the time of removing C-Fit from any surface.

Your smartphone is held on its place firmly with the C-shaped claw which is spring-loaded. Claw’s inside is wrapped with ribbed rubber that increases the grip and protects the finish of your phone. The rubber has red or black cover, according to the colour of mounting arm’s cover. The arm can cause tilt articulation just to few degrees and could be rotated freely. This assembly can be fixed to a place by making the ring quite tight on the back panel.

Inserting your phone in is simple but somewhat tricky if only one hand is used. This is a problem in the beginning only but with practice, wedging your phone in, then out becomes second nature. Tackform has provided the width range of devices, which is 2.2 to about 3.4 inches and could easily fit Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, iPhone5 by Apple.

Closing Comments

The device is quite identical with Mi-T Grip by Bracketron and uses the same gripping arm, which is C-shaped, and also the same suction cup mount.
C-Fit by TackForm is effective, simple and a very good solution to hold you phone while you are listening to music or navigating when driving. Other than the only complaint regarding the wide cover of mounting arm that attracts a lot of attention and obstructs suction cup at the time it has to be moved or repositioned, it is the most suitable device for your car and gives you convenience as you drive.

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